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Here’s how to leverage your coaching experience into a consistent source of income…whether you’ve run hundreds of clinics or you’re just getting started

Youth sports have become so competitive in recent years (regardless of age, sport or gender), sports camps, speed clinics, and group training programs have become the ticket to staying ahead of the competition. Athletes don't want to watch their peers receive specialized coaching and 'get ahead of them'.

Parents will make sure their son/daughter doesn’t have to watch their friends compete while they sit on the sidelines…or watches from the stands,  so they are always looking for ways for their child to get better.

What you might not realize is that those little speciality camps - “speed clinics”, “sports camps” and other types of fun ‘summer activities for kids’ - besides making athletes better, are actually great money makers for coaches just like you and the people you’re about to read about.

For example -

A women’s basketball coach in our area made over $300,000 each summer just running week long basketball camps for girls.

That’s right. Her camps only run during the summer…

And by the way:

She doesn’t even attend all the camps! The system she created runs itself. 

She simply runs her system from the previous year…

…and repeats it over and over and over again to make incredible profits. (She ended up selling that basketball camp brand!)

Another example…

A pitching coach makes over $400,000 each year just running 3 day pitching camps about a dozen times a year.

Now, I’m not going to tell you you’ll be able to make six figures in your first year from your camps. They both have been growing their programs for years.

But it’s possible.

And those are extreme cases. Some speed camps have brought clients in an extra $3000-$4000.

Some clients have used free clinics or small format clinics to funnel in new athletes to their existing training programs. It all depends on your goals and like them, be willing to put in the work.

When you start following the same proven system, you’ll quickly wonder why you waited so long to get in the game.

Because you’re already a good coach, I know you have what it takes to run exciting camps and clinics.

Like any successful person, you just have to believe in your ability and take action.

Earn More By Simply Doing What You Do Best…Coaching

Athletes want to get faster.

They want to get more playing time in their sport and get in better shape.

They don't want to sit on the bench, they want to make varsity, and they want to be the star of the team.

Parents are willing to invest in their kids no matter what the economy is.

Whether parents think their son/daughter can get a scholarship, they want to live vicariously through their kids, or just want the best for them, parents are looking for programs to take their kids to the next level.

Once you know how to get in front of them and sell them on your services, you can run as many camps as you want. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Not only is it possible, it’s being done.

You don’t have to try and set the world on fire with your programs.

Maybe you’re just looking to run a few camps and clinics during the winter or summer to supplement your income.

Or maybe you want to use camps & clinics to funnel athletes to your long term training programs.

Whether you run one camp a year or dozens, make a choice to turn this year into your best year ever.

Sports Camp Empire Elite

Your Game Plan to Making Money Running Sports Camps

  • Setting The Foundation

    Building infrastructure, deciding on format, outlining the camp, deciding on staffing, pricing, location, etc. (plus actually running the camp)

  • Bring In Attendees

    How to market, who to contact, how to connect, how to use paid ads, how to make your camp exclusive, how to convert them into clients

  • Next Steps

    How to maximize camp experience & value, how to create long-term clients, how to move campers into your facility training programs, setting up the next camp, how to turn it into an annual camp

Here's How It Works...

The Sports Camp Empire Elite is a 5 week program.

Each week I will drop video modules, in progression, sharing the best way to build, promote, run, and profit from sports camps and clinics. You will be able to watch, learn, and digest the video at your own pace. And I will send you action steps to make sure that you are completing the material in order so that you don't miss anything.

Plus, as a special bonus, I would like to include the Take Action Playbook!

Your success or failure in building a profitable business depends entirely on your willingness to take the necessary action steps required to keep you on the path to success.

Your program comes with fill-in-the-blank templatessample programs of successful clinics, checklists, a rolodex of go-to people and companies that we use, sample advertisements and marketing material and of course the Take Action Manual that will create the plan for you and 'force' you to succeed with simple, step-by-step instructions.


This Course is Set Up to Teach You the Coach, How to Run Camps And Clinics Successfully and Profitably


What You’re About To Discover In The Sports Camp Empire Program: 

  • How to choose the ideal clinic or camp format. No sports camp, speed clinic or specialized coaching program can succeed without the right format.
  • How to secure any type of facility if you don't have one.
  • The pros and cons behind how long (days, hours/day, which days) your camp should run.
  • A plan for determining pricing of both camps and clinics (and the difference between the two).
  • Which types of clinics attract the largest numbers.
  • Insider secrets to minimizing start-up costs
  • The truth about whether you should run 'One Time' versus Ongoing clinics and specialized coaching programs.
  • How to address staffing needs for every camp and clinic.
  • How to add value and set your programs apart from the competition.
  • The best ways to get in front of athletic directors, coaches, parents, booster clubs and youth sports organizations to promote your camps and clinics.
  • How to get sponsors and partners for your camps
  • Exactly how far in advance you should begin marketing your camps and clinics.
  • How to set up your website for maximum regsistrations
  • Specific marketing and advertising strategies proven to generate repeat business and maximize referrals - from free publicity to paid advertising.
  • Insider secrets on establishing your name and reputation online. The more your name, information and experience is 'out there' to boost your credibility, the easier it is to generate new campers.
  • How to run paid advertising to your camp
  • How to transition campers into long-term clients if you have a training facility.

Once you go through Sports Camp Empire Elite, you’ll have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, profitable Sports Camp or Clinic looks like, but you’ll become an expert on how to develop and run one yourself.

Sports Camp Empire

How Much Does This Cost?

In 2007, Athletes Acceleration ran it's first Sports Camp Empire program, opening to only 50 coaches who each paid $1397.

We promised those coaches we wouldn't run the program again that year so that they could get a jump start on their competition. It's kind exclusive content where you want to make sure other coaches in your area (your competition) don't have the same information trying to run competing camps. So we waited a year and ran the Sports Camp Empire in 2008.

It wasn't until 2016 where we ran the Sports Camp Empire program again, limiting the amount of coaches who could take it live with us.

Finally, in 2023, I have decided to run the Sports Camp Empire again, but adding even more information to it! As you know, things change, technology changes, people's attention changes, and as I continue to run camps, what I did back in 2007 or even 2016, doesn't work the same in today's world. Sure, there are some tried and true tested concepts that still work, but a new strategy had to be created in order to stay ahead of the curve.

I would like to share the all new Sports Camp Empire Elite with you for not $1397, like the original version, but for $499 - now for only $399!

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Sports Camp Empire Elite

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Sports Camp Empire Cost: $499
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To your success,




Pat Beith
Owner, Founder - Athletes Acceleration


P.S. - Remember, the Sports Camp Empire Elite is a 5 week program.

Each week I will drop video modules, in progression, sharing the best way to build, promote, run, and profit from sports camps and clinics. You will be able to watch, learn, and digest the video at your own pace. And I will send you action steps to make sure that you are completing the material in order so that you don't miss anything,

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"But What if it Doesn't Work For Me?"

Then It's ALL FREE.

I know this approach to building successful camps works, as do the many coaches who have already experienced the effectiveness of the previous versions of the Sports Camp Empire. But at the same time, I understand that you still may be skeptical, and as such I want to do everything I can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

And for that exact reason, here's what I'm going to do for you: for each and every coach who orders, we're going to extend our Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

Simply put, if you implement the Sports Camp Empire system, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you receive from it, just contact me and I'll immediately refund your investment. It's that simple.

We stand behind this best in class sports camp system and the additional income it will produce for you, but if for some reason it doesn't yield that type of success, you get your money back. Show us that you went through the course and used the material and if it didn't bring in more campers and revenue, you will be refunded completely. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

Sports Camp Empire Elite

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